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Chris has spoken to over 1 million students in OVER 40 states. Please visit the new site for updated contact information and news on Chris’ new approach in reaching teen lives. Chris has always been a dynamic speaker, but he is even more engaging thru his new approach. Chris also has made the presentation interactive due to teens advise and requests.




Chris Sandy was a pretty normal 22 year old kid. He enjoyed playing sports,
fishing and hanging out with his friends. That normal life came to an abrupt end when Chris decided to go to a party, slam four drinks, and drive on a country road outside Atlanta, GA. Traveling at a speed of 77 mph in a 35 mph speed zone, Chris Sandy’s car crashed into an oncoming vehicle, killing the elderly couple in the oncoming car.

Chris pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI and served 
8 ½ years in a Georgia state prison. During that time, Chris traveled in law enforcement custody, to share his horrific story with hundreds of thousands of young people. His messages about making bad choices, painful consequences, and life in prison are incredibly powerful.

In today’s world, the “messenger” is just as important as the message and there is no better “messenger” than Chris Sandy.

In 2008, Chris Sandy’s story and live presentation were developed into an award- winning television documentary. “Enduring Regret-Chris Sandy’s Story of Living Life After Causing Death” was the recipient of two EMMY Awards in 2009. The video was produced and directed by ImageMaster Productions.

This former inmate was released from prison and is now serving Parole/Probation until 2031. Chris Sandy continues to share his traumatic story through his powerful presentations at middle schools, high schools, colleges, military bases, businesses, town hall meetings, conferences, and churches across the country.

Chris’s mission is saving lives. He is giving people a much needed reality check that is opening their eyes to the importance of the choices they make, especially if alcohol is involved. The choices people make have a profound impact on the lives around them. This program is not just about drinking and driving and alcohol awareness, it is about choices and consequences that make one realize what they can lose and how painful those consequences can really be. After each presentation, Chris provokes deep thought in people (young & old) about self, friends, and family members. This allows one to think more about the choices they face from day to day and how those choices will affect their future and the people around them.

Chris has enjoyed working with Family Connections, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Safe and Healthy Schools, GEAR UP, Student Activities, and Athletic Trainers. Let’s remember that one bad choice can result in lifelong consequence causing one to endure regret for the rest of their lives. We look forward to joining together with you to help impact the lives in your community.