In today’s world, the “messenger” is just as important as the message and there is no better “messenger” than Chris Sandy. If you are looking for an incredible speaker to help your audience understand the importance of making the right choices in life, especially if those choices involve Alcohol or Drugs, you have found the right messenger. Look no further!

   Chris Sandy is on a mission to save lives. Chris speaks nationwide to people of all ages, but especially youth. He is also the Author of the book "Enduring Regret:Chris Sandy's Life After Causing Death" Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prison's. Eric Krug's story is also featured in the book and is extremely powerful. This book is about an offender and victim of drunk driving. The book was written for the classroom and will come with a Teacher/Student Study Guide (classroom discussion questions). Two of the questions require an essay, which makes it a valuable curriculum for students. We will also include the documentary "Enduring Regret" at the individuals request. Schools have found this material to be extremely useful for health and wellness classes, especially for Red Ribbon Week and Alcohol Awareness Month in high schools, colleges, and military bases.

   Chris and Eric's story is also featured in the riveting video "Deadly Decisions:Two Different Stories of Drunk Driving, Two Very Different Prison's."This new documentary can be obtained through our organization. Please call, email, or fill out the contact form to find out more information.

   The live presentation of Chris' message is heard by students nationwide in middle schools, high schools, colleges, military bases, conferences, and business organizations throughout our country each year. If your students, service members, or co-workers have not heard Chris and/or Eric's story, this is your chance to book a presentation that is life changing. Every parent in America needs to hear this message too. Chris opens eyes and motivates people to become a better communicator and decision maker. Every 51 minutes a person is killed in a car crash. Our youth are exposed to Alcohol and Drugs throughout their lives and they need to be equipped to handle tough situations. Chris lives the reality every day from making the wrong choice and dealing with lifelong consequences. Chris is passionate about his message and he will stop at nothing to have the chance to save someone else from making the same horrible choice to drink and drive.

   Here is a little bit about Chris:

   As a 22 year old kid, Chris Sandy made a horrific choice that caused great pain in the lives of many people. One party, four drinks, and a decision to drive drunk resulted in the death of two innocent people. Chris will now endure regret for the rest of his life.

   Chris Sandy was charged and convicted on two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI and spent 8 ½ years in prison for his crime. During his incarceration, Chris’ commitment to preventing anyone else from repeating his mistakes, led him to share his powerful story with more than 130,000 young people in Georgia. A program of this magnitude had never been tried until people heard the sincerity and conviction of Chris' message. He was not a typical inmate, convict, or prisoner...He was a messenger for young people! They listened to his story and learned invaluable lessons from his horrible choices. With the help and support of many organizations, Chris' message has saved countless lives.

   Chris Sandy is now serving the remainder of his sentence on Parole/Probation until 2031. This former inmate continues sharing his dynamic live presentation "Enduring Regret" at schools, colleges, conferences, military bases, and business organizations nationwide. He is considered one of the most talented speakers in the youth industry. Chris has spoken to over a half a million people in the United States.

   Chris Sandy’s story and live presentation was developed into an EMMY Award winning documentary that has been distributed to middle schools, high schools, military bases, and DUI/Drug courts across the country.

   Chris Sandy partnered with Eric Krug , a victim of a deadly alcohol related crash, creating an incredible presentation featuring an offender and victim. This presentation is heart wrenching and inspirational to people of all ages, but especially youth. Please inquire about this special speaking package.

For more information on the speaking packages offered by Enduring Regret, Inc. featuring Chris Sandy and/or Eric Krug, please contact us at [email protected] or call 404.590.7229.

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