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Two Different Stories Of Drunk Driving And Two Very Different Prisons
Two Different Stories Of Drunk Driving And Two Very Different Prisons


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Enduring Regret: 

“Chris Sandy’s Life After Causing Death” and “Eric Krug’s Story of Deadly Decisions”

These two incredible stories are combined to make one unique and powerful book. The book has been written for students in high schools, colleges, military bases, parents, and especially for the avid reader who likes an engaging and emotional read. Our stories provide valuable life lessons for people of all ages, but especially for teens and young adults. These two compelling and difficult stories were written to help students think and see how choices can lead to devastating consequences, especially if alcohol is involved. We have also thought about the educators, we have developed a short curricula, which is common core aligned through a guide of discussion questions followed by a couple of essays. The discussion questions are engaging and thought provoking, so student involvement will stay at a high level, which in turn w ill show you and your administration how effective this book is for your class.

Alcohol awareness, drinking and driving prevention, and the effects of choices and consequences are what we strive to accomplish. We want this book in the hands of students in health and wellness classes for high schools and colleges along with students in drivers ED. We want every service member and parent to have the opportunity to learn from our experience too.

Whether it is a student, service member, parent, or avid reader, this is an interesting and valuable read for all. After reading through the whole book and closing it up, you will be left thinking of family, friends, choices, discussions, and events that may have happened in your life.



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Chris Sandy

Eric Krug


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