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“I was invited to hear Chris Sandy speak at a private school in Atlanta and I was awestruck during the presentation and found his message to be deeply sincere…After hearing the presentation, I booked Chris to speak at several student conferences, including the National JAG Conference in Washington DC. His message convey’s the truth about decisions and consequences in a realistic and earnest manner. Not glorified nor glamorized. His message is highly impact full  and has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the lives of many, many young people.”

Nedra Wakefield- Jobs for Georgia Graduates (JGG)

“I hired Chris to be the Keynote speaker at the Power In Truth Conference for middle and high school students. The topic was dangers of underage drinking, driving under the influence, and riding with a driver under the influence.  Chris was extremely powerful in the delivery of his message, encompassing consequences for the student and everyone else involved. The students were riveted through his entire presentation.”

Beverly Kartheiser- Douglas County Dept. of Health (Conference Coordinator)

“His dedication and passion for alcohol education is clearly evident in his program. His presentation style keeps the audience’s attention.”

Sherri Grable- Kennesaw State University Health and Wellness

“The Tragic story of your experience at 22 years old while you were under the influence of alcohol and driving is a sequence of events our students will never forget. The honesty and sincerity you use to tell of this incident made many feel that this could just as easily happen to them.”

Kat Stevens- Fairmont State University Student Activities (West Virginia)

“We had the absolute good fortune to have Chris visit our school in April during our Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week….We brought our entire student body (900) into our gymnasium for the presentation and Chris had our guys captivated from the moment he burst on to the scene.”

Emmett McGovern-St. Patrick High School Student Activities (Chicago)

“I saw your presentation twice at King Bay Naval Base. The first time was about 4 years ago when I was stationed here the first time… After I saw you, I got stationed in Iraq. After coming back, my friend and I drank a lot and he tried to drive home one night. I had to throw his keys in a lake. No matter what you have done, I hope you still focus on your impact on us. 2 people are gone because of you–hundreds, maybe thousands of sailors are still here because of you. You saved my friends life that night sir….you saved my life. If you ever need a hand with anything, you got a sailor for life brother.”

MT2 Wilkinson, Michael

“When I sat in the theater that day I had no idea how much I was going to be touched by your story. Truly you have inspired me and I know many others have been inspired as well. You are the reality of what can happen to a good person by making a bad decision. I wanted to let you know that your talk has forever influenced my decision making and for certain many others as well.”

Jessica- Student at Resurrection High School (Chicago)

“Your message was really powerful and life changing…you have chosen to make something incredible and proactive come out of such a seemingly desolate situation…you have touched and impacted so many lives and I really appreciate what you are doing.”

Abby- Kennesaw State University NCAA Athlete

“I thought the presentations were awesome and life changing! Seeing and hearing peoples real stories are way more effective than just being told do not drink and drive.”

Peter Diaz- The Lovett School

“Chris Sandy’s presentation today really hit home with our students.  Chris’s delivery was excellent: highly professional while remaining deeply honest, truly personal, and quite profound.  As a result, students not only received but also connected with his message.  Kudos to Chris for using his experiences to inform and remind students regarding the impacts of their choices on themselves and others.”

Kieran J. McGuire, Ed.D.- Principal of a highly regarded International Baccalaureate High School in the Northeast.


“Chris’ story was absolutely moving! I heard it three times in one day and it brought tears to my eye each time. He doesn’t preach to his audience, rather just tells his story. As a Driver Education teacher, I cannot stress how important his message is. Numerous students told me after he spoke what an impact he made. Being from a small town with ‘nothing to do’ it’s easy for kids to turn to alcohol and that is the last thing I want to happen. I will continue to use his message in the classroom and I already have plans to bring him back for a future presentation.”

Jessica VanDyke, Driver Education Teacher, East Richland High School (Olney, IL)


“I watched the students during the assembly and I have never seen them so attentive or respectful. Without being preachy, the message was clear:  Make healthy choices. YOU can prevent a tragedy from happening.”

Susan Robertson, Substance Abuse & Prevention Counselor, Hanover County Schools

“Students lives were changed from the presentation. Conversation kept going even after the presentation. Teachers were saying that they spent the rest of the class talking about the speakers and more importantly about the message. I truly believe lives were changed from Chris and Eric”.

Ryan Senavitis ,Student and Organizer of the assembly at Atlee High School



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